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CK Status Report, May

Calum Spring


Hey readers!It's been a busy month for Cardboard Keep, but we're finally in a position to knuckle down and spend our time working on our game again for a good long while. What's been happening this month?

New Website

If you're reading this you're already on it! We've finally gone live with our new website and we're very happy with it. It should read well on mobile devices and is much simpler to navigate than the old site, feel free to take a look around!

Gamma.con Attended

Last weekend CK attended Gamma.con, a pop culture expo right here in Canberra, and we were blown away by the attendance numbers and the overwhelmingly positive response we got from people who tried Warden. If you were there and tried our game, thanks! We estimate we had almost 200 people play Warden, and the feedback was extremely useful. We spent all of Monday discussing it and making our next plans based off these experiences.

Our latest work on the art and texturing style in Warden.
Our latest work on the art and texturing style in Warden.

Kotaku Mention

One play we got at Gamma.con was gaming journalist Junglist, who gave us a mention on Kotaku, thanks Junglist! You can read his article here:

Warden is currently in closed pre-alpha with early access planned in the coming months.
Warden is currently in closed pre-alpha with early access planned in the coming months.


Finally, we've started taking subscriptions for a monthly-or-so e-mail newsletter. If you'd like to have our delicious updates fed straight to your inbox, you can sign up here:


That's all for now, until next time! Calum 

CK Status Report, April

Calum Spring


Happy Easter readers, Cardboard Keep has been hard at work on our large project, Warden, and dabbling in smaller experiments as well. We are getting really close to publicly announcing Warden, but in the mean time...


We did preview Warden in an interview with Final Round Gaming! Read more about Warden and our studio in our discussion with them:


Marketing Materials

CK has taken delivery of our biggest marketing order so far, including brand new business cards and... t-shirts! Keep an eye out for our shiny new logo at conventions and expos, including...


Cardboard Keep can confirm we'll be attending Gamma.con, a pop culture expo right here in Canberra on the 24th of May. This will likely be the first time Warden is out in the wild for you to play, so if you're in the area come along and say hi! You can find out more about Gamma.con and grab tickets on their website here:


Pizza and Pixels, Canberra Game Dev Meetup

CK devs attended the first Pizza and Pixels meet up for local game devs on Wednesday. We met lots of great people including 2K Australia devs working on the just announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and saw lots of interesting local projects. If you're a game developer in or near Canberra keep an eye out for the next meet up and come along to network! More info here:


That's it for this update.  Stay tuned for more news on Warden real soon. Until next time, Calum

CK Status Report, January

Calum Spring


Happy new year readers! It's already been a massive year for Cardboard Keep, here's just some of the things we've been up to.

New Office

Cardboard Keep has moved! We now have more space (and unfortunately in this weather, less air conditioning), and we are bunking with our buds Wildgrass Games. We're now almost entirely settled in which will finally give us a chance to put all of our energy back into making games.


Global Game Jam 2014

We participated in this years GGJ last weekend and it was a blast! We made a micro-RTS called Triton. It's already out in the wild if you're overly curious, but we're going to wait a little bit longer to publicize it here so we can get a tutorial in - the number one feedback was that it was confusing to first time players.


Indie Jamcast

Our aforementioned friends Wildgrass have spearheaded a new podcast featuring Canberra-based game developers. There are two episodes out so far and a Cardboard Keep developer has been on each of them! Check out the Indie Jamcast here.

We're always getting closer to when we can reveal our current project, and we can't wait to share it with you! Until next time,



CK Status Report, December

Calum Spring


Hey all, Cardboard Keep is going through some crazy times at the moment, not least because the end of the year is approaching. I'd like to share with you a few of the plates we're currently spinning.


Location, Location

Cardboard Keep is moving offices at the end of January, with preparations causing more bumps in our work on games than we'd like, but it'll be worth it to secure us another year of shelter from the cold, dark outdoors.

Graduation, Graduation

On the bright side of the end of year, our three principal developers yesterday graduated from their business course (AIE's Incubator) and will go forward from here with greater skills and more time for development.


Game Development

We're now into Week 6 of our first big project, which we hope to reveal in January or February. But what we can announce now is that we have a whopping 11 people contributing to it's development, including dedicated musicians, writers and concept artists! We're very excited to have this opportunity, and can't wait to share it with you.


Finally, tomorrow we begin work on a long overdue redesign of this website. We'll be starting again from scratch, but if you have any feedback on what you do or don't like about our current site, feel free to send it through to us via Facebook or email!

Until next time, from everyone at Cardboard Keep, have a happy new year!


Indie Shoutouts: EB Expo

Calum Spring


Cardboard Keep attended EB Expo in Sydney two weeks ago, and on top of having a lot of new faces play our games and get to know us, we met a lot of fellow Australian indie developers we weren't aware of. This alone would have made the expo worth going to, and we'd like to give a shoutout to a few of the really awesome other games in development we saw there.

OTTTD by SMG Studio

An adorably beautiful tower defense for mobile with one of the strongest art styles I've seen. Big shout out to these friendly guys and their awesome game!

Burden by Pixel Pickle

Extremely atmospheric tower defense in which you build defenses onto a lumbering colossus as he wanders the level, defending him from tiny climbers and aerial attackers. Again the art here drew me in instantly, can't wait to see the finished product.

Outpost by Outpost Software

A multiplayer, side-scrolling modern shooter. We had heaps of fun with Outpost and can see a lot of potential for a big online fanbase, you can download it now!

It was great to see so many awesome games coming from local indies, best of luck to everyone who was exhibiting at EB!

More from us soon, Calum