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CK Status Report, December


CK Status Report, December

Calum Spring


Hey all, Cardboard Keep is going through some crazy times at the moment, not least because the end of the year is approaching. I'd like to share with you a few of the plates we're currently spinning.


Location, Location

Cardboard Keep is moving offices at the end of January, with preparations causing more bumps in our work on games than we'd like, but it'll be worth it to secure us another year of shelter from the cold, dark outdoors.

Graduation, Graduation

On the bright side of the end of year, our three principal developers yesterday graduated from their business course (AIE's Incubator) and will go forward from here with greater skills and more time for development.


Game Development

We're now into Week 6 of our first big project, which we hope to reveal in January or February. But what we can announce now is that we have a whopping 11 people contributing to it's development, including dedicated musicians, writers and concept artists! We're very excited to have this opportunity, and can't wait to share it with you.


Finally, tomorrow we begin work on a long overdue redesign of this website. We'll be starting again from scratch, but if you have any feedback on what you do or don't like about our current site, feel free to send it through to us via Facebook or email!

Until next time, from everyone at Cardboard Keep, have a happy new year!