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CK Games

We've worked on a lot of projects over the last few years, here are just the ones we're willing to talk about.

Puzzle Puppers
Android/IOS/PC (2016-2017)

A mobile game about stretching out adorable dogs to solve complex puzzles. Feed all your dogs by extending them to their bowl of food. Traverse rivers, dig holes and collect delicious hams, all with the help of a few draggable doggos!


Underkings - Android (2013)

Vein Gods is a pass-play puzzle game for two players on one device. Take turns amassing an army of dwarves and protecting them with fiery traps, then hand your device back and forth as you and your opponent trade blows, striking at and crushing each other’s armies with a swipe of your finger! The last player with dwarves still standing is declared victorious!

Clicktraption - Flash (2011-2013)

In Clicktraption you take control of a maintenance worker inside a diabolical machine that has turned against you. Your aim is to deactivate the exterior shield and escape unharmed before you are crushed or exploded into an unhelpful mess. Clicktraption is a game for 1-2 players on a single computer. The first player controls the maintenance worker and the second, optional player can control the Clicktraption directly, attempting to stop their escaping companion.

Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth
Windows/Mac/Linux/Consoles (2013-2016)

Third-person action-adventure about three protagonists delving into an overgrown civilization and discovering an ancient god. Inspired by genre classics of the N64-era.

Cardboard Keep's first big project, after 30 months of development Warden released on PC and Steam in April 2016.

Up, Up and Awry! - Windows/Mac/Linux (2013)

Created in just two days for the Canberra AIE April 2013 Game Jam. The story of a cheapskate private space company, Up, Up and Awry is a silly, sandbox-y rocket builder in which you receive orders to vault various cargo into space via the medium of rocketry!

InconSPYcuous - Windows/Mac/Linux (2012)

Created in just two days for the 2012 Stealth Jam. One player is the SNIPER, they must determine who the SPY is and take him out. The other is the SPY, they must cross the room alive.