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CK Status Report, September - 1,000 Plays!

Calum Spring

Hey Internet! Since our last status report you find us back from Seattle, PAX Dev and PAX Prime, and settled back into the office and making games, but for how long??


CK attended iFest Canberra last week and Clicktraption won the Runner Up prize! We'll have a badge to display online soon - but for now there's a nice certificate sitting in our office alongside our other awards.



It's now been just over a week since Clicktraption launched on Kongregate and we've hit 1,000 plays! Thanks to everyone who's played, rated and commented on it so far, and an especially big thanks to our fans who helped spread the word. We also launched our first map pack at the start of this week, and there will be more Clicktraption news coming your way in the near future.

EB Expo

Cardboard Keep will be attending EB Expo in Sydney next weekend, from October 4 to 6. We'll be in the homegrown section with our fellow Australian developers. If you're attending please drop by and say hello!

Here ends our update, stay tuned for more - we have exciting projects in the pipeline!

Until then,